Spiral Logistics - 03 888 S - Trailer


Requested to follow through with safety adjustments.
Spec's and instruction provided by client.

Straighten out rear damage and side rails with porter - power pack.
Replace broken dead bolts for side pins.

Fabricate 14 x new side pins, drill holes and paint white.

Remove rust corrosion on the  front headboard / prime with rust block and paint white.
Clean up the sides of the load-body and paint white.

Straighten steps and paint yellow.

Paint yellow safety strip along both lengths of the tray.

Remove old frayed rove and strapping from timber and replace with new rope.
Secure timber to the load-body.

Remove old damaged toolbox on the LHS of the trailer.
Fabricate new mountings of new toolbox supplied by the customer.
Fit toolbox to trailer.
Fit new chrome lockable locks to toolbox.

Remove damaged spare wheel carrier.

Secure new fabricated mountings to the trailer for the new timber box.
Fit new timber box to trailer and touch-up with red paint.

Walk around video of completed Job No 9 .


Old Bearer straps to be replaced.

Straps remove from trailer.

Dead bolts for side pins damaged and missing.

Remove old side pin holders.

Remove old damaged tool box.

Rear end completed.

Side view and steps repaired.

New rope fitted to load bearers.

 New Dead drop bolts fitted.

 Mountings fabricated and timber box fitted.

New tool box fitted alongside timber box.

Tool box with new chrome T locks.

New side pins fitted. Headboard cleaned up.

 Front end cleaned up and painted.

 Side view 

Timber box , RHS view.

 Reflectors, rope, drop bolts.


Polo Service Reset.

Mess around Buddy, one of them always works.

How to reset the service message light on a 

VW  Polo.

How to reset service on VW Polo 

(2013 model onwards)

How to reset 2015 vw jetta inspection and some Polo.

This is your one Colin.


SCARY Engineers and Engineering.

Yes we are always encouraged to think outside the square, and many of us try that every day.

But what happens if you stretch the square a little to much?

Just how entertaining can Engineers become?

What can their beautiful minds come up with?   Something SCARY!

So here we go, here is another angle to sum up Engineering.

Civil Engineers

Worlds Worst Engineers.

Robotic Engineers.

Structural Engineers

Electrical Engineers.

Aeronautical Engineers,

Civil Construction Engineers

Explosives Engineers

Construction Engineers,

Motor Engineers

Aerospace Engineers


Cougar 4500 Skid Steer Bucket Cylinder Problems and Replacement.

With some of these hard working machines there is a toll to pay.
This machine broke a bucket pin which allowed the bucket to swing past there pivot point. This bent the ram rods and damaged the cylinders beyond repair.

Notice how the ram rods is bent like a banana!

After opening up the cylinders and removing the ram rods we were met with this pleasant sight.

Seals, guides and rods destroyed!

Complete new rams were obtained and made to fit.

This required the cylinder ends and the ram ends to be replaced to match the machine.

New eye's welded into place.

All welded together and ready for the installation.

New 4041 bucket pins were turned on the lathe and fitted to the arms and bucket.

After some hours of work we were able to mount the new cylinders and plumb up the hydraulic hoses.
After a slash of grease in the nipples we fired her up and she worked just like a new one.


2007 Toyota Hilux Timing Belt Light Reset

3.0L 1KD Diesel Engine

The timing belt light displayed on the dash on a 2007 Toyota Hilux diesel is reset using the following manual procedure.

* Turn ignition on.
* Make sure the Odometer/Trip meter display shows odometer information.
* Turn ignition switch off.
* Press and hold the odometer/trip display button whilst turning ignition on.
* Hold button down for 5 seconds then release button.
* Within 5 seconds, press and release the button.
* The display will show the reset value.
* Press and hold the odometer/trip button for 5 seconds then release button.
* Make sure the odometer reading is displayed and the warning lamp has gone out.

Video clips of other Toyota models also Included.


Engineering Master Pieces > SR 71 Blackbird

The SR-71 Blackbird: The Fastest Plane on Planet Earth

There are a number of video clips at the end of the  article that are immensely informative and very entertaining.

The following facts are taken from the link below, check them out for yourself

15 Fascinating Facts About The SR-71 Blackbird, The Fastest Plane On Earth

1. The SR-71 Blackbird aircraft was built by Lockheed Martin and took its first flight in 1964. It was retired by NASA in 1999.

The SR-71 Blackbird is still the fastest plane that has ever flown and served an important role in history as a spy plane. Its first test flight was on December 22, 1964 and was never once hit by a missile during its 25 years of service.Though these awesome planes haven’t left the ground since before the turn of the century, they’re still worth all the recognition of being the fastest plane on Earth.

2. It is the fastest planes that ever took flight. The official fastest record it holds is 2,193.13 mph on July 1976. The photo below was taken right after it reached that record.

3. It earned its nickname “Blackbird” because of how stealth it was. It was also extremely quiet inside the cockpit, according to pilot Richard Graham. “You could hear a pin drop. The view is spectacular, being able to see the curvature of the Earth and the black space above filled with stars,” he said.


4. The Blackbird was able to map terrain like a side-scanning sonar, aim a radar up to 45 degrees to the side, and interrupt enemy communication and radar signals.


5. It was built to fly up to Mach 3.4 speeds (approx. 2,500 mph on land).

6. Over 4,000 missiles were fired at the Blackbird in the 25 years it was flown, but none ever hit it. The Blackbird was just too fast and its evasive tactic was just to speed up until the missile couldn’t keep up with it.

7. Its navigation system called “R2-D2” had a sensor so powerful that it could detect up to 61 stars in broad daylight while the plane was still on the ground.


8. The plane required a large amount of titanium to be built so the CIA created fake companies around the world to buy metal from the USSR, which was the biggest supplier, as well as the United States’ enemy at that time.

9. The plane was covered in over 60 pounds of black paint because the black helped cool down the plane by up to 86 degrees. Traveling at over Mach 3, the plane could hit as high as 1,000 degrees without the black paint dissipating the heat.

10. The SR-71 constantly leaked fuel while not in flight due to the contraction of its titanium skin. The tank was designed to expand as it heated up due to air friction. The SR-71 had enough fuel to take off and then get refueled up in the air by a tanker.

11. Its tires were specially designed for the SR-71. Their material was made of aluminum powder which was impregnated to reject heat. This additive gave its unique appearance of silver coloration.

12. There were only 32 Blackbirds ever built. One of the pilots, test pilot Bob Gilliland, is photographed here.

13. Even though it leaked fuel, the fuel had such a high flash point that it would not ignite even if it was hit with fire.

14. To work on the plane as a crew member, you needed to be between the ages of 25 and 40, be married and be “emotionally stable.”


15. The camera on the Blackbird was so advanced that when it took a photo of a car on the ground that was 80,000 feet below it and the plane traveled at over 2,000 mph, the license plate would be visible in the photo.

Below Is The Tribute Video To The SR-71

Looks the same , but different video.


Kubota 4x4 tractor front axle failure.

We start off with a steady water leak coming from the bottom end of the radiator.
As the photo shows, a great deal of fine sand and grass have made a great abrasive mixture that has corroded away the bottom tubes of the core.

 To remove the radiator we had no option but to strip off all the engine covers and the bonnet.

After we had the radiator recored and got the engine running again we discovered the water pump now also wanted some attention.
So off with the pump and a new one is fitted.

Old pump out.

Front LHS hub seized and very wobbly on the axle.

RHS front axle seems OK, just leaking a spot of oil.

Front wheel nuts and studs need attention.

We need to strip this and find out what is the problem!

The inner axle bearing had colapsed, jamming up the gear train ,something had to break!

This is what was left of the axle seal and bearing.

LHS axle shaft and collapsed bearing.

Notice the damaged O ring and mangled grove in the cast iron reduction cover.

Front LHS drive hub cover cracked right through, resulted from a collapsed axle bearing.

Every time the wheel turned this side would seize up, balls from the damaged bearing were getting in between the drive gears and because they had no where to go they simply forced the cover to give way.

The drive gear from the RHS, all still good.

Compared to the LHS, still in great condition.

Brand new outer hub housing , using the old bearing to fit the new.

New axle seal and sealing ring that presses onto the front hub.

Sealing ring going onto the front axle hub.

Notice the wheel studs are missing and there are no threads in the holes.

 We fitted heli-coils to all the threads and Lock-tightened them into place.

 Final task, replace the transmission oil, badly contaminated, just see the color of that oil in the pan.

Job Completed.
All covers replaced and the machine delivered back to the owner.